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Having been in the small batch coffee roasting scene for a number of years now, and continued to watch it grow at an incredible rate, we know the challenges faced by small batch roasters today with supply of green beans and other supplies in moderate quantities. With these challenges in mind, we have developed a number of services around small batch supply of green beans to help reduce or eliminate these challenges, so that you can concentrate on focusing on what is important - Roasting Great Coffee.

With the majority of small batch roasters operating 15kg batch roasters and smaller, being able to buy green beans in sizes to match their batch sizes is really convenient.... not just for size of batch either:

Our mini bags offer the following convenience:

1. Convenient size

2. Easy to handle

3. Easy to store

4. Next day delivery via courier

5. Affordable

6. Great way to test a new coffee

7. Perfect batch sizes

8. Quicker stock rotation

With new green beans arriving from the docks each week, we've taken away the hassle of large minimum order quantities and protracted release procedures traditionally associated with green bean buying.

So why not let us do the boring bits and take the strain off your cashflow, so that you can concentrate on roasting your coffee!

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