RecycleMe Bag Upgrade

So we have some packaging upgrade news for you...


Over the last 6 months we have seen a large increase in the amount of smaller orders placed, and so for orders of 1-6kg it became really difficult to produce the right sized bags from our recycled hessian, so as many of you may have experienced previously we had to opt for laminated coffee bags - which wasn't the best solution for a company looking to stay as plastic free as possible!


So after spending lots of time researching the best bags available for packing our green beans, that still offer the best atmospheric protection whilst being strong enough to hold the weight of the contents, we believe the solution we now have is the best available out there....


We have adopted the RecycleMe bag system, heavy duty, high quality paper bags with a paper recyclable liner - they are such high quality paper that it can go straight into the paper recycling system to be turned back into new paper products at standard paper mills.


We received the first consignment of these new bags today and have begun packing the last of todays orders in these new bags, the best part is that we can pack all orders from 1kg up to 6kg in these new bags, which will help us keep up with t

he increase in orders as they are quicker and easier to pack, easier to label and they also have a more sustainable end of life solution - so it's win win really!


So if you are placing orders for our awesome coffees in quantities less than 7kg, you will receive your order in the new bags from Monday 18th January.


We hope that you will all appreciate the changes we have made and support us with our ongoing efforts to reduce our waste and plastic even further by using these bags. We value your opinion and welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you think when you receive your next orders....

Till the next time....

SBR Team

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