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Loyalty Rewards

Small Batch Roasting Loyalty Rewards Scheme

Who doesn't like a reward for their loyalty? Provided it is worth while and useful, I think we would all raise our hands and agree - which is why at Small Batch Roasting we have launched our Loyalty Rewards Scheme, as a thank you to our existing members and a welcome to all our new members.

Rewards Button.

Sign Up

Signing up is dead easy, all you have to do is be a site member of Small Batch Roasting Supplies website and that will automatically grant you access to the Loyalty Rewards Scheme. Once you are a site member, click on the rewards button in the bottom left side of the home page and follow the instructions to set up your own personal dashboard. From here you will be able to track your orders, loyalty points and extra ways to earn more points.


Once you have signed up, you can then look at all the ways to earn your loyalty points:

1. You will earn Loyalty Reward Points for ever £ you spend with us, so each time you place an order, you will see your points balance increase. You earn 10 points for every £1 you spend!

2. You will earn points for helping support us on social media, we will reward you with points when you like, share & follow our social media accounts. 

3. You will earn 1000 points when you leave us a positive google review, these will be transferred to your account as soon as we see the review come through. 

Whenever we add new ways to earn points to our scheme, we will add it here.



Just like earning, redeeming is super easy too. Simply go to your dashboard and look to see how many points you have accumulated and which rewards are open and available to you. Simply click on that reward and then hit Redeem. This will generate a unique discount coupon that will go straight to your cart ready to apply that reward to your purchase. It is THAT easy!

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