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This is our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we put the answers to the most common occurring questions we get asked. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask away - we love chatting to our customers, new and old alike.

  • Are you guys open on the weekends?
    No, I'm afraid we are not open at the weekends at the warehouse, however you are very welcome to place any orders online and we will fulfil them as soon as we get back in on Monday morning for you.
  • How long do green beans stay fresh for?
    We are asked this a great deal, and the answer is really dependant on how well you look after them. If for instance you are going to leave them open to the elements, then the will spoil in a matter of weeks, if however you store in an airtight bag, away from bright lights, extreme temperatures the coffee will comfortably last for 18 months, maybe longer. Generally our coffees in the warehouse are between 6-12 months old.
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