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"What Makes Green Coffee Beans from Finca San Antonio in El Salvador Stand Out?"

One of the most progressive coffee farms in El Salvador is Finca San Antonio Amatepec. Located in the picturesque mountainous region of Ahuachapán, this farm has gained recognition not only for its high-quality coffee but also for its outstanding social and environmental policies. In an industry often marred by issues such as exploitation of workers and damage to the environment, Finca San Antonio Amatepec stands out as a shining example of responsible and sustainable coffee production.

The farm's social and environmental policies are at the core of its operations, and they are guided by the belief that a successful business must also have a positive impact on its workers and the surrounding community. The farm's owner, Don Francisco Menéndez, is committed to creating a sustainable and equitable business model that benefits all stakeholders.

One of the most notable aspects of Finca San Antonio Amatepec's policies is its treatment of its workers. Unlike many other coffee farms in the region, the workers on this farm are given fair wages, decent working conditions, and access to education and healthcare. They are not just seen as mere employees, but as crucial members of the farm's family. This is evident in the farm's low turnover rate, with many workers having been with the farm for several generations.

Moreover, the farm has a strict policy against child labour, and it provides housing for its workers and their families. It also offers training and support to help them develop new skills and improve their livelihoods. This holistic approach to caring for its workers has led to a strong sense of loyalty and pride among the farm's staff, and it has greatly contributed to the farm's success.

Finca San Antonio Amatepec's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its treatment of workers to its impact on the environment. The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that it meets rigorous standards for conservation, wildlife protection, and community engagement. By conserving natural resources and protecting the biodiversity on the farm, the farm ensures the sustainability of its operations for future generations.

Additionally, the farm has implemented sustainable farming practices such as using shade-grown coffee and employing methods to reduce waste and water consumption. These practices not only benefit the environment but also result in better quality coffee. This is evident in the farm's coffee, which has a classic and distinctive flavor, beloved by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Besides its positive impact on its workers and the environment, Finca San Antonio Amatepec has also established an excellent relationship with the local communities. The farm actively engages with the community by supporting local schools, healthcare facilities, and social projects. It also offers employment opportunities to people from the surrounding villages, contributing to the economic development of the region.

In conclusion, Finca San Antonio Amatepec sets an admirable example for other coffee farms in El Salvador and worldwide. By prioritizing the well-being of its workers and the environment, the farm has created a sustainable business model that benefits everyone involved. Its commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability has not only gained recognition for the farm but also contributed to the development of the local community. As consumers, we can play our part by supporting farms like Finca San Antonio Amatepec, which are making a positive impact in the world through responsible and sustainable coffee production.

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Chalcuapa

Estate: Finca San Antonio

Varieties: Bourbon

Grade: SHG

Cetification: RFA

Processing: Wet Processed

Altitude: 1400 - 1700 masl

Tasting Notes: Sweet caramel flavours and chocolate notes throughout. Vibrant acidity and medium body mellow into a creamy rich sweetness to finish.

Roasting Notes: A medium roast to avoid loosing the caramel notes. No darker than City +

Moisture Content: 9.4% 

Roast Difficulty: Beginner - Experienced - Expert

Small Batch Roasting Supplies

TEL: 0204 5584178

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