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Foot operated constant heat bag sealer

This sealer is operated with a foot pedal for hands-free operation, allowing for efficiency and precision when sealing bags. Its constant heat feature ensures a secure and airtight seal for maximum freshness and quality of the coffee or tea. This high-end option is perfect for small to medium-sized coffee shops, specialty coffee roasters, and other businesses within the coffee industry looking for a reliable and durable sealing solution. With its adjustable sealing time and temperature, it offers versatility and control, making it the ideal choice for packaging and preserving your coffee and tea products.

Foot operated constant heat bag sealer

We will ship your order direct within 3-5 days of receipt of order
  • Max Seal Length: 300mm

    Seal Width: 15mm

    Weight: 20kg

    Wattage: 350W With UK Power Plug Warning sound when sealing is complete Suitable for all bag types.