Green Beans from Thailand

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy which seesaws between parliamentary democracy and military junta from time to time. It is known as a middle economy – 20th largest in the world, a notable position given its size. It counts tourism manufacturing and agriculture as the leading sectors in the economy. Thailand borders Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar as well as Malaysia to the south. This East Asian nation is lush, tropical and green. From golden sandy beaches to tree capped mountainous regions in the north Thailand is a diverse geographical nation.

Arabica beans are commonly grown in the Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand, and Robusta is grown in southern parts of Thailand. Thailand has grown coffee for a little over a century, but didn’t become an exporter until 1976 when the country started exporting Robusta beans. The country has since expanded and Arabica has become more common and popular among coffee drinkers, so now more Arabica is exported from Thailand.

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