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Origin: Rwanda

Region: Gisenyi Region

Area: Western Province, Lake Kivu

Owners: COOPAC Cooperative

Varieties: Bourbon

Grade: A2

Processing: Fully Washed

SCA Score: 82+

Tasting Notes: Cedar Wood, smooth and velvety, tobacco-esque, liquorice and aniseed, clean finish

Moisture Content: 13%

COOPAC is a coffee processing and trading company based in Rubavu District, Rwanda. Our coffee is grown and reared on the picturesque slopes leading to the shores of Lake Kivu, in the unique setting of the Virunga hills. The sun warms the highly fertile clay soils which are rich in volcanic minerals. Rainfall here is evenly spread around the year. Our processing respects high standards to ensure that the best cup quality is achieved. As one of the pioneering companies to have successfully promoted Rwanda’s coffee abroad, COOPAC maintains a strong affection for coffee and fully commits to supplying roasters with the best .Today we are considered as Rwanda’s premier exporter of the finest green and organic coffee. After 11 years in business, we remain enthusiastic, passionate and committed to satisfying the most demanding lovers of coffee from the world over. We take our mandate most seriously and at every step along the coffee process we pay a lot of attention to detail to ensure quality is not compromised. No coffee equals our own thanks to our dedicated and highly qualified professionals who painstakingly apply the highest standards in the industry, daily. Our main export is green coffee which rigorously processed by our very own personnel. We have set high goals for our operations and our commitment is to quality is unwavering. We also keep abreast of the latest developments in technology for efficiency.No wonder our coffee is known the world over!

COOPAC is strongly committed to the widespread promotion of organic farming in Rwanda. We are wary about the effects of conventional farming its effects on the environment, and its threat to the general well being of communities living in coffee growing areas. We therefore encourage our farmers to practice organic farming by giving them free organic fertilizers.COOPAC also donates cows, urging them to use cow dung,as an additional organic fertilizer.

Our coffee washing station at Kabirizi produces organic coffee, only.



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