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As many of our customers will testify, roasting is a passion that grows from an idea to a hobby and then on to a small  enterprise quite quickly. It is therefore a great idea to invest in a roaster that can see you through the majority of these stages until you are ready to look at larger and more commercial machines.

We have sourced and selected a great roasting machine from a Far Eastern company that we have worked with in the past with great results.

We deal with all the importing, shipping, customs and duties so that you can enjoy the good bit - ROASTING great coffee. 

The Roaster

The Drum

The Burner

The Control

The Data

After sales support

We appreciate that there is often a hesitation when considering purchasing lower budget equipment from the Far East, we know this well ourselves, which is why we have spent time researching the best options and value for money from the numerous overseas manufacturers. We have experience in buying equipment from Dongyi Roasters in the past and are confident with the quality of the equipment and support hey offer. Their equipment is CE approved and robust in the build quality.

To further enhance confidence and support for our customers, we hold stock of the common spare parts for these roasters and can offer our own after sales support for these machines as we now operate one ourselves as a test batch roaster.

NEW 2kg Drum Roaster - Gas or Electric

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