Tanzania AB Tembo Coffee - Per Kg

Origin: Tanzania

Region: Southern Highlands, Mbeya

Estate: Tembo Coffee Farms

Altitude: 1150-1950masl

Harvest: June-August

Varietal: Heirloom Typica, Bourbon

Grade: AB

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed

Tasting Notes: Long, clean cup with properly balanced acidity, sweet lemon, medium body, aromas of chocolate/toast, leads to creamy flavor and well rounded after taste.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast

Tanzania AB Tembo Coffee - Per Kg

  • Tembo Coffee Company was established in 2012 in Mbeya, Tanzania. Our goal was to replicate and expand upon the business model built in 2009 by our sister company, Rwanda Trading Company.

    We share a communal belief that profitable and ethical business should go hand in hand. We’re about sustainability – as our over-arching goal, not as a project. Sustainability is better described as shared value. It is the state in which everyone in the coffee supply chain is profitable; in which costs are understood and controlled responsibly; in which the full value of the product is realized and achieved, and profits are distributed to each party commensurate to the value it has added to the final, cupped coffee.

    To achieve shared value, we focus on supply chain development. This involves finding solutions to problems that limit its performance, creating opportunities for everyone involved to become more profitable and working directly with farmers to address issues that extend past the farm.

    We finance coffee purchasing and processing operations for the groups we work with, so transparency is not only valuable for the farmers, but intrinsic to Tembo’s ethos. Our coffee purchasing department is fully integrated with our farmer impact department, so that the team that finances groups, purchases coffee and monitors quality during the harvest, is the same team teaching the farmers business management and better agricultural practices.

    Tembo’s team purchased from 10 producer groups in the Southern Highlands Region during our first season in 2013, and today we work with over 50 producer groups, exporting 2.9 millions green lbs in 2015.


  • A stunning African coffee from close to the Kilimanjaro Mountain region in Tanzania. You can expect the full, fruity body of a coffee from this region, with notes of Apple and Orange Peel, but with a delicate finish of Dark Chocolate and a hint of Butterscotch.

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