Nicaragua Matagalpa SHG EP - Per Kg

Origin: Nicaragua SHG EP
Estate: Matagalpa
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon
Grade: SHG EP (Strictly High Grown & European Preparation)
Altitude: 1,200-1,400 m.a.s.l

Harvest Year: 2019-2020

Harvest: November to April
Processing: Washed, patio dried
Tasting Notes: Smooth body with rich yet subtle nutty flavours and a mild acidity. Well balanced sweetness with hints of vanilla.
Roasting Notes:  Full city to full city plus

Nicaragua Matagalpa SHG EP - Per Kg

  • The Matagalpa region is home to some of Nicaragua's most prized specialty coffees. The volcanic and nutrient-rich soils create ideal growing conditions to produce coffees of deep complexity and balanced character. 


    The people of Nicaragua, and the specialty coffee industry in the country's north, have faced tremendous challenges in national crises that include earthquakes (in the 1970s), civil war (in the 1980s) and hurricanes (in the 1990s). Though the largest country in Central America, it now has the lowest population. While Central American coffees tend to be chocolatey and rich, Nicaragua's specialty coffees are generally bright and delicate with citrus notes, making them potentially cost-effective alternatives to East African coffees in a roasting blend.


    Our Nicaragua SHG EP is a coffee that comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua. Being a Strictly High Grown coffee means that the coffee was grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop more slowly, resulting in a denser high quality bean. In addition, EP stands for European Preparation - a further sorting of the green coffee before it is exported, so only the finest green beans are bagged and exported. Our Nicaraguan coffee is harvested and exported from Asociacion Aldea Global. 


    Aldea Global began in 1992 with 22 farmers. Today, the Association assists over 1000 families, most of which are Chorotega Indigenous Communities. Aldea Global offers organic specialty coffees, which have provided the association with small farm loans, women's solidarity groups and the ability to produce other agriculture products such as fresh produce and beans. The association promotes sustainable management of natural resources, rural health clinics, installation of potable water filters and integrated pest management programs. The Association of small farmers facilitates the growth of profitable and sustainable businesses, promoting efficient commercialization and alternative credit services. Aldea Global helps farmers stay in harmony with their environment, while producing a profitable product for the marketplace.

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