Myanmar Moe Htet Estate - Per Kg

Origin: Myanmar

Region: Mandalay

District: Kyaukme District

Estate: Moe Htet Estate

Producer: Kyaw Hlaing

Altitude: 1080m

Varietal: Catimor

Certification: Conventional, Shade Grown

Harvest: January - March

Processing: Washed

Tasting Notes: Flavours of chocolate, grapes, papaya, honey & orange. Amazingly sweet and delicious.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast to preserve the fruity notes, but works well as a dark roast with a fuller body too.

Myanmar Moe Htet Estate - Per Kg

  • Kyaw Hlaing is the owner of the Moe Htet Estate farm, which he runs with the help of agronomist U Kyaw Wan He and his number two, Aung Hleing Phyo. He has long term experience gained from working in the government research department as well as with multinational companies training on grafting techniques. The farm has established well, and currently stands at around 200 acres of coffee production.


    There are around 100 pickers on the farm in total, many are local but the increase in employment draws people in from Bagan too, which is on the other side of Mandalay to the farm and will stay onsite during the picking season.


    Although some localised pesticide use occurs to treat outbreaks of stem borer, the farm is working towards fullly organic practises. Aung Hleing Phyo also organises monthly workshops on the farm as a way of contributing to the local coffee community, which should help to bolster a growing speciality industry.


    Cherries are picked on the farm and transported quickly to the processing facilities provided by the Mandalay Coffee Group an exporter and processor based in nearby Pyin Oo Lwn. Fully washed, the cherry is then sun dried on patios at the wet mill, before being cupped and graded under the watchful eye of general manager Amy, then dehulled and bagged when sold ready for export at the dry mill.

  • About Myanmar

    It’s a country which is in between the two ‘Super powers’ India and China, and it shares a border with Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand. The country consists of 7 states and 7 divisions.


    About Myanmar Coffee

    The two-main coffee producing regions are Mandalay division and Shan state. Although they are neighbours, they differ significantly. Mandalay is characterised by large single estates straddling 1000masl and the varieties are typically SL 34 and Catimor. Shan state is at higher altitude ranging from 1400-1600masl, and is nearly exclusively red catuai. Coffee produced there is by small holders from hill tribes.

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