Mexico SHG Bellavista - Por Más Café Project - SCA 82 + - Per Kg

Origin: Mexico

Region: Chiapas

Estate: Bellavista

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor

Growing Altitude: 1,600–1,800 masl

Characteristics: Strictly High Grown

Harvest: December–March

Certification: Smallholder Estates supported by the Por Más Café Project

Processing: Washed

Cupping Score: 82+

Tasting Notes: Exceptional quality coffee with chocolate aromas and a citrus acidity. Well balanced and moreish with delicate nutty tones, a delicious coffee perfect for both espresso & filter, any time of the day.






See this video for more information on this fantastic project.

Mexico SHG Bellavista - Por Más Café Project - SCA 82 + - Per Kg

  • Por Mas Café is a collaborative effort between Exportadora de Café California, FIRA (a Federal Government Institution for agricultural credits) and other government institutions and sponsors. The initiative aims to bring increased yields, innovative farming methods and more sustainable livelihoods to all coffee farmers. 


    Por Mas Café offers training in modern farming techniques, including disease control and access to high-yield and disease-resistant plants, as well as access to fertilizer, certification practises, financing and education. The programme also educates about and encourages ecological farming practices to help prevent damage to the surrounding landscape & wildlife.


    The producers featured here have thrived within the program—improving their yields, their cup quality and the financial viability of their farms and ultimately their families for years to come. 

  • Coffee was introduced to Mexico during the 19th century from Jamaica and since then the country has become the fifth largest producer in the world with an output of around 5 million bags per year. It is grown mainly in the southern states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas. Around 75% of production takes place on small farms of less than two hectares and as such much of the country’s coffee is produced by cooperatives. In addition there are estate grown coffees, particularly in Chiapas, Mexico’s largest coffee producing state and it is from here where this coffee is sourced.

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