Indonesian Java Bayukidal - Semi Washed G1 - Per Kg

Origin: Indonesian Java

Estate: Bayukidul Estate

Altitude: 1400 masl

Varietal: Java Nica

Grade: G1

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed

Tasting Notes: Stunningly different - unlike most Indonesian coffees, this has clean and distinct citrus edge to it. Bright tangerine flavours and a zesty body make this a unique indonesian coffee due to its unique varietal.

Roasting Notes:  Don't roast this like an indonesian, stop shorter for a brighter intense orangey flavour. At full city plus and onwards the normal Java traits become evident.

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Indonesian Java Bayukidal - Semi Washed G1 - Per Kg

  • Surrounded by volcanoes and lush forests in the eastern part of Java, Bayukidal grows some fantastic coffee at elevations of up to 1400 metres above sea level. It has a great body with low acidity and plenty of those classic Java characteristics including an earthy, floral aroma with a clean finish. Wet processed and then naturally dried in the sun.

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