Indonesia Aceh Gayo - Queen Ketaira G1 - ORG - Per KG

Origin: Indonesian

Region: Aceh - Gayo Highlands

Estate: Queen Ketaira

Altitude: 1400 masl

Varietal: Gayo

Grade: G1

Certification: Organic

Processing: Giling Basah, triple picked

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Rum, Brazil nut, Tobacco Leaf

SBR Roast Profile: 4-5

Indonesia Aceh Gayo - Queen Ketaira G1 - ORG - Per KG

  • Ketiara is a women-led cooperative in Aceh in the Gayo highlands who are led by a woman with over 25 years experience in the coffee trading dedicated to supporting coffee producing families in the region. Ketiara celebrates in promoting women within the coffee business. Mainly producing high quality, shade grown Arabica in the forested mountains of the Leuser National Park with special attention paid to the protection of the local ecosystem. The complex cup profile is a testament to the care taken in growing, harvesting and processing. Bursting with flavour, expect a bright and bold cup with a strong dark chocolate aroma and a low acidity with some tropical fruit and apple on the finish. Suitable for all brewing methods, we particularly enjoy this coffee as a flat white or black filter.

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