Honduras - Finca La Lima - Hurricane Relief Fund  - Per Kg

Origin: Honduras

Estate: La Lima

Owner: Eva Vasquez

Crop: 2020

Region: Rinconada, San Andres Lempira

Varieties: Caturra, IHCAFE 90

Harvest: February - May

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1,800 m.a.s.l

Cupping Notes: Nutty and chocolate notes with a bright acidity.

Roasting Notes: Full city+

Honduras - Finca La Lima - Hurricane Relief Fund - Per Kg

  • Hurricanes ETA & IOTA have left a path of destruction in Central America In the first week of November, Hurricane ETA made landfall in Central America. It has destroyed crucial infrastructure and hurt big amounts of rural livelihoods in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – countries that were already weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Only two weeks later, Hurricane IOTA hit the coast of Nicaragua just a few miles south from the first one and has caused even heavier flooding and landslides across the countries, has devastated many more communities and forced thousands out of their homes into shelters nearby.

    The devastating effects of the passage of both hurricanes reached almost the entire Honduran population. Sadly, 74 of our colleagues and their families working for our supplier's Honduran export company BECAMO were also severely affected. As they belong to our global coffee family our supplier is going to support them until all houses are rebuilt and all losses replaced.

    In response to the emergency, BECAMO instantly activated different contingency, rescue and support plans. They aimed at both the affected employees and their families and the neighboring communities providing shelter, medical care, food and basic sanitary and personal supplies.

    For every bag of coffee from Honduras exported through BECAMO, the respective import company for our supplier, will support its sister company with 1 USD.

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