Home Coffee Roasters - Starter Pack

A warm welcome to the wonderful sensory world of Small Batch Coffee Roasting, Whether you’re doing this at home or at work, there is no escaping the wonderful excitement of recieving a new set of coffees to roast for the first time. We want to share that excitement with you through our Home Coffee Roasting packs.


We have a range of different coffee roasters packs available, each designed to showcase a specific style of coffee wth varying levels of skill required to get the best from each coffee. Packs available are:

Starter Pack (This one),

Standard Coffee Pack,

Speciality Coffee Pack,

Social Impact Coffee Pack,

Exotic Coffee Pack,

Masters Coffee Pack .


This pack includes:

Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel

4 x 150g Single Origin Coffees (Green Beans) - Packs will vary in origins included,  but will be easy to roast single origins with notable taste differential.

A copy of the 33Cups coffee tasting booklet that allows you to record your tasting experience consistently.

A discount coupon for your use if you should choose to purchase more of your new favourite coffee beans from us. 


We hope you enjoy this coffee roasters pack and encourage you to give the others a try.

Home Coffee Roasters - Starter Pack

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