Green Earth Fruit Tree Donation

We are very pleased to announce that we are now an active partner in the Carbon Free Coffee initiative, offsetting the carbon produced by the coffee industry through donations to the Green Earth Appeal, ensuring fruit trees are planted in projects throughout the developing world. This is an amazing initiative, and one that you can get involved with right now!


By purchasing this product you have ensured that a fruit tree will be planted in a 3rd world country and you will receive an official certificate for each donation made in your name. This will allow you to offset the carbon your business produces as well as knowing you have helped to make a difference. Each fruit tree planted is the equivalent of 1000kg of carbon offset!


If you are a regular purchaser of these fruit trees, we can provide you with your own "sub initiative" which will get you a ticker for your website and digital certificates to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Please ask for more details.


When placing an order for a Tree, please be sure to advise us of the name of the person/company you would like nominated on your certificate. If we do not recieve instructions of the name to be entitled, we will default to Small Batch Roasting, although you will still recieve a copy of this certificate. 

Green Earth Fruit Tree Donation


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