Contract Roasting - Per Kg

Please select this product in addition to the coffee you have purchased for Contract Roasting. Adjust the quatity to match the green weight of the coffee you want roasted and ensure you fill in the Contract Roasting Checksheet HERE and send it to where we will be able to tally the online order with the information on your completed checksheet and complete your request. 


Please note that there is a Minimum Order Quantity of 6kgs. Please ensure your order is for a minimum of 6kg of green coffee to maximise the roasting charges.  


For more information on this service and other similar services we offer - CLICK HERE


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance. We will be only too happy to assist. 


Please ensure that you select your chosen roast profile from the new numerical roasting profile sheet to avoid any ambiguity in profile colours.

Contract Roasting - Per Kg

Roast Profile Required

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