5kg Panama Palmyra Estate

Origin: Panama

Region: Boquette

Estate: Palmyra Estate - Hacienda La Esmeralda

Varietal: Catuai

Grade: SHB

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: A great clean cup, soft citrus with balanced acidity, caramel and toasted almonds, sweet aftertaste and finish.

Roasting Notes: Just after first crack

5kg Panama Palmyra Estate

  • Hacienda Esmeralda

    In November of 1967, a Swedish born Californian banker by the name of Rudolph A. Peterson (1904-2003) purchased Hacienda La Esmeralda, a farm which at that time comprised several hundred hectares in the area of Palmira, as well as a property in Cañas Verdes. Rudolph purchased this land with the intention of eventually retiring there, although at the time he was president of the Bank of America.

    The farm was founded 40 years previously by Hans Elliot, another Swede, who constructed the farmhouse which is the current residence of the Peterson family. During the first years after the purchase, Rudolph would visit the Hacienda every couple of months, however, in 1970 he became director of Development for the United Nations, and as his obligations abroad grew, he found less time to visit the farm. Many years before, as a young man studying at Berkeley, Rudy, as he was known by many, had met and married Patricia Price. They had two children: Linnea and Price.

    Price Peterson, son of Rudolph A. Peterson, was born in California in 1936, received a bachelor’s degree at Pomona College, and a doctorate degree in neurochemistry from U. Penn in 1961. In 1965 he married Susan Duff (born in Philadelphia in 1941) while working as a professor of anatomy at U. Penn.

    In 1973 Price took over the Hacienda administration from his father and moved to Panama along with his wife Susan and his children: Erik, born in Philadelphia in 1966; and Rachel, born in Sweden in 1967. Their third child, Daniel, was born in Panama in 1974.

    Upon arriving in Panama, Price introduced dairy cattle to the farm and opened the first milk parlor. To date, there are four milk parlors in different areas of the farm. Although there was always coffee on the farm, it was in 1987 that major portions of land were planted with coffee trees, and in 1994 a Beneficio (coffee processing plant) was added in order to process all the coffee on the farm itself.

    In 1996, all the members of the Peterson clan (including our patriarch Rudy) and one of Linnea’s children (Merrill Bennett, alias “el primo Mario”) joined forces to purchase another farm in the area of Jaramillo, Boquete, later named Pequeña Suecia (Little Sweden) but referred to as Esmeralda Jaramillo. It was on a section of this farm that the famous Esmeralda Special trees were discovered.

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