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You'll be the first to know!

We wanted to quickly let you know about a new notification system we have just installed onto our website.

Our new Push Notification system is designed to notify its subscribers of the arrival of new coffees, clearance or news updates. Just like our blog and mailshots - however there is one major difference. The push notification app work automatically, and so instead of waiting for me to populate and send out the emails to everyone, it will automatically send a notification to all its subscribers the minute a new product is published on the website, a new story is blogged or a new offer is raised.

So if you want to be the very first to know about new stock arrivals, discounts, promotions and clearances - please click YES PLEASE on the dropdown notification bar in the header when you see it. You will then be in the Small Batch Coffee Club and will be notified of all these things ahead of everyone else!

Of course we will continue to also send out newsletters, mailshots and stock updates too, but this is your chance to be one step ahead.

We hope that you find this useful and that it makes it even easier to secure your chosen coffees in the future.

All the best

SBR Team

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