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I wanted to run a quick blog post to let everyone know we are working tirelessly in the background here at HQ amid all the chaos that is the coffee industry at the moment! The soaring prices, delayed shipments, lack of packaging and restricted access to coffees at present haven't made it an easy month at all - but we will all battle on and come through the other side stronger for it I am sure.

We are starting to see some more coffees becoming available now, although the prices are so volatile that any commitments we have with producers at the moment is an uncertain thing! We hope to see this level off slightly in the new year, but for the time being, please order your requirements in as much lead in period as you can afford to, to ensure you are not left without coffee over the festive period.

As we turn into December, we find ourselves busier than ever introducing new products and services ahead of the New Year. So we thought it would be a good idea to summarise them for you all in one place to get you back up to speed with everything we offer here at SBR...


We have often been asked for discounts on larger volumes (which is available for purchases of over 60kg in one order), so we thought we would dedicate some of our warehouse space to larger volumes of commercial coffee for larger volume sales, this also enabled us to work closer with some other coffee producers who were looking for a route to market too. So we have begin populating this warehouse with coffee offerings on a larger scale. We will be increasing our stock holding over the coming months. There are significant savings to be made in buying bulk.


We have seen a large increase in coffee e-commerce and so these new high strength mailer coffee bags are awesome, super popular and a great way to cut down on your packaging costs and waste. Simply fill the bag with coffee (or Tea), seal it, address it and pop it in the post. Fits through a standard size letter box too, so keeps your postage cost low! The bags are fitted with a degassing valve and so it couldn't be easier to mail out coffee now!

As well as supplying new forms of coffee packaging for our customer to use, it was also worth a mention that we have also found a new way to package our products in a new environmentally better way too! We have now sourced heavier duty "second use" cardboard boxes to ship your products out in, these are much stronger and offer much better protection against NSCCS (not so careful courier syndrome!) which we tend to suffer from this time of the year! It also ensures we are reusing materials we have available to us for the benefit of everyone & the environment.

So look out for the paper stickers on the box to tell you the box is a re-used one!

As we have a continuous supply of these boxes, we are also able to offer these for sale to our customers also if there is any interest - if this is of interest to you, please email us at where we can deal with your request.

The two sizes available are 14" x 14" x 6.5" & 20" x 14" x 6"



We have been contract roasting for some time, but recently due to order increases we have been roasting single origins fresh each week in 5kg batches ready for incoming orders, this way we know its fresh, avoids any delays in getting it out to you. So we have a standard range of 17 different single origins that we keep roasted now for your convenience. So if you ever need a quick back up - we've got your back!


In addition to the 17 single origins available roast in bulk 5kg bags, we also now keep a weekly stock of 9 core blends that we also have available in 5kg bulk bags ready to dispatch. Therefore if you are looking to expand your range of blends, we can also act as your back up for this too. Each of the blends is unique and offers a different quality to the others. Why not check them out.


Looseleaf Tea is something of a relative stranger to our warehouses, but over the last 2 years we have been experimenting and testing out numerous teas to see if there was a future for us adding it to our stock. The short answer is yes there is, we have now sourced and stocked a comprehensive range of Black, Fruit, White & Herbal Teas for our customers to also experiment with. We plan on introducing more great blends and infusions in the coming months subject to demand.

We haven't covered everything in this one snippet, but certainly enough to get you up to speed with all things SBR for November...

Don't forget to check out the website and let us know if there is something we can assist with or indeed if there is something you have spotted that we haven't !

Don't also forget that if you haven't already, to set up your smile loyalty rewards account to save on future orders!

Until the next update .... Happy Roasting & we look forward to seeing your orders come through.

Don't forget that we will be closing for our usual Christmas shut down between

22nd December - 4th January - please leave plenty of time for your orders to be processed before and after this period to avoid disappointment.



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