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HAPPY NEW YEAR - Welcome 2021

Dear All,

Happy New Year to all our wonderful subscribers, great to be here contacting you all from the other side of 2020 - although the current outlook doesn't appear a great deal different at this time!

We are hoping that everyone has recovered from their festive activities and now looking to start roasting their way through 2021. We have tons of exciting things happening at our end, which we are desperate to share with everyone - but all good things take their time and so we will be announcing each new update as they happen.

The first announcement is that we are STILL OPEN for business - COVID-19 won't stop us that easily. We are on a much reduced workforce currently and we will be monitoring this on a daily basis to try and make sure we can continue to offer the same level of service where practical to do so.

So please keep your orders coming and we will continue to get them ready and dispatch as quickly as we are able to.

You may already have noticed that our webchat function is being very well managed by our resident roaster - Laura. Please feel free to say hi to her when you are next on the website.

The website is the next thing on the agenda. It has been long overdue a complete overhaul, and it is getting just that! Should be ready to go live next week all being well. Watch this space for many new features and greater functionality throughout.

We will also be introducing the new recyclable paper coffee bags from RecycleMe which we have been working with now for some time. Products arriving in stock from next week onwards, so make sure you don't miss them.

So much more to come.... watch this space.

All the very best for now...

SBR Team

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