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Brazil Brazil....

Met with a Brazilian farmer representative yesterday who also seeks to be a coffee partner, having already lots of Brazil coffee I was unsure to begin with, although he then produced some amazingly aromatic fermented coffees for us to sample! Both Yellow & Red Catuai varietals. If the flavours come through as I would hope they do, we will be in for a real treat..... to be continued....

OK, so to add to this post, having loved this coffee so much and having met further with the farmers representative we are pleased to announce that this coffee is no available online at in 5kg lots. We love roasting and drinking this coffee, as will you. A real depth of flavours to be had from the fermented Red Catuai verietal.

for more about this coffee and to buy it online, please CLICK HERE

Would love to get your feedback on this one - a real treat if anything I say is to be believed!

J Cornelius

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