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Something new for 2019...

With so many amazing coffees to Roast, Cup, Profile and Review for Small Batch customers it is becoming quite a squeeze to get this done during the day alongside my other day to day commitments (nearly all coffee related!), so I have set myself a homework diary!

I can already see the “work/life balancers” rolling their eyes at me, but if you know me well enough, you will know that 24 hrs each day just simply isn’t enough to get everything done! I spend my evenings with my family and my work, and the day with my work and family - so I think I can draw a balance there.

I get up and have a coffee every morning, usually one of our blends that we have been roasting, or a loose end or two from the roastery the week before. So I figure, why not not start each day with a different coffee, a new coffee that has caught my attention or been sent to us to review.... then I can be working before I get to work!! 

I don’t have a laboratory at home - just a study full of the bare essentials, a sample roaster, a grinder, scales, kettle, various pieces of brew gear and a notebook - and my rCup of course!

So I am going to do my very best to sample roast a whole range of new coffees throughout the next few weeks and report back to you on them via the blog!

Those that I really like, I will put to the team when I arrive at work each day - they can then get all technical on it and we can take it from there! This will hopefully result in you guys seeing some more coffees emerging onto the site for your own experiments on!

I would also ask that if you are a grower/trader looking to get your coffee out to a European audience, then Small Batch Roasting Supplies is the perfect portal, and to get onto this you will have to get through the morning coffee challenge!! So please send me samples of any coffee you may have and make sure it is clearly marked with all the necessary details that we would require to put your coffee on our site.

So here goes.....

Today I have roasted the first coffee, its an Organic Ethiopian Arabica coffee from Limu. 

Roasted to second crack, although it does look a lot darker than that - typical Ethiopian

Dry smell is light with notes of peanut butter.

Ready to drink tomorrow..... watch this space!

Okay - so I’ve already lost nearly half of January already! Yikes.... right going to have to keep these entries super short and to the point!

Ethiopian Limu Coffee has a lighter and more floral profile than other Ethiopians we have, not a bad thing. A light biscuit mid tone and a bergamot finish. A very enjoyable coffee for sure. Could be used to blend against a central or enjoyed as a filter. One for the website we hope.... 

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