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So whats next, I hear you ask...

Having had a few spare minutes in our day, we have spent them reflecting on where we are, where we've come from and of course, where we're going.... we thought we would share these thoughts with you:


Speciality coffees have become even more accessible, as you may have seen in one of our latest social media shoutouts, our speciality coffees are now offered in 5kg bags. This allows you to try a coffee you have yet to try, without having to commit to 10kg of it, it also means you can afford to try twice as many speciality coffees as before on the same budget! We are even managing to offer these coffees in the plastic free option, that has become hugely popular. Mostly thanks to Sarah in the Coffee Warehouse for her efforts in making these great bags for our customers.


Our offer of backup roasting for small batch customers has also been taken up more and more over the last few months, thank you for trusting us with your roasting requirements - we see this as a great honour and look forward to supporting your continued growth and roasting requirements. We are always happy to assist with this, which allows you to be able to pursue larger sales should you wish. See how we manage this HERE


We have been as busy as ever receiving, preparing and sending your orders over the last couple of months, we have noticed a large increase in the requests for a "coffee of the month" offering, as we begin to bring in newer and ever more interesting coffees we have given some serious thought on how to offer this to our loyal customers.

We introduced our "Featured Coffee" section, where we have featured our favourite new arrival that month, this highlighted coffee gets great coverage and is enjoyed by many of our customers. Based around this idea, we thought we would take it one stage further, to ensure everyone who wants to stay ahead of the featured coffees, and offer these coffees by subscription on a monthly basis.

With 3 levels of subscription to chose from, from as little as £15/month, you can always ensure you receive the very latest featured coffee to roast and taste ahead of the rest! Check out the benefits of this service HERE


Coffee Forum reviews continue to get added to the site (big thank you), please do check these out and see what others have had to say about the coffees they ordered/roasted and tested. There really is no better recommendation than the experience of other roasters. We encourage you to leave your own reviews and share your experience with the roasting forum and small batch community. Don't forget there is also a discount code for those leaving reviews, that can be redeemed against your next purchase.

Read the reviews HERE and please don't hesitate to add your own.


We have added more brewing equipment to add to your roastery collection, don't forget to check these out HERE


We are always really pleased to hear from our customers and would encourage you to get in touch with any ideas you may have to add to the experience of our service. "Constructive feedback is the food of champions" is a phrase we hold in high regard and are always pleased to take into account a customers perspective. Please let us have your amazing ideas HERE, we have never said 'no' to a good idea yet!

So that were some of the thoughts that crossed our mind during our review session, as you will have realised, we don't rest up - in fact we are constantly on the look out for the next exciting instalment of Small Batch Roasting, which is why we would encourage you to get in touch if you think there is something we may have missed or that you would like us re-visit or to look at for you. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Until the next time, happy roasting.

Kind regards,

Justin Cornelius

Head of Coffee

Small Batch Roasting Supplies.

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