Contract Roasting

After many requests from our customers to offer this service, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a fully comprehensive Contract Roasting service.


If you are interested in our contract roasting services please

get in touch at 

Download &  complete the Contract Roasting Checksheet with your roasting requirements and once returned to the above email address we will add it to the roasting schedule. 

We are normally able to offer next day roasting (depending on schedule), and will pack your freshly roasted coffee in 5kg sealed packs with one way valves, boxed and ready for shipping to you.

Our Contract Roasting service costs £1.80 / Green Kg

We are also able to grind the coffee for you in bulk should you wish. This service costs an additional £0.25/kg to de-stone & grind

"Therefore if you are looking to expand and need larger capacity, a broken down roaster, a volume contract or just as holiday cover - Small Batch has your back for Contract Roasting!"

If you are confident you already know what you want and how you want it, please use the process below to order online.

Contract Roasting - Per Kg

Contract Roasting - Per Kg

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