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We are very pleased to announce that we are now an active partner in the Carbon Free Coffee initiative, offsetting the carbon produced by the coffee industry through donations to the Green Earth Appeal, ensuring fruit trees are planted in projects throughout the developing world. This is an amazing initiative, and one that you can get involved with right now!
In order for people to get involved in this initiative, we have made it super easy to make donations in 3 different ways.
1. By donating directly under this message through PayPal
2. By purchasing a fruit tree from the range of other products available on our website
3. By purchasing our nominated 'green earth coffee', which will have this donation built into the cost
Once you have purchased a fruit tree you will receive an official certificate for each donation made in your name. This will allow you to offset the carbon your business produces as well as knowing you have helped to make a difference. Each fruit tree planted is the equivalent of 1000kg of carbon offset! If you are a regular purchaser of these fruit trees, we can provide you with your own "sub initiative" which will get you a ticker for your website and digital certificates to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Please ask for more details.
Follow our progress here:

Trees planted so far...

You can also get involved by donating to our initiative directly

here, click on the link above and pledge your support for only £1.50

Thank You
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G. Rothwell

"Love the fact I can buy 1kg of green beans or 10kg of different green coffees all at a great price. Quick delivery & customer service is spot on. Long may it continue"

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N. Owen

As well as a great selection of coffee available from producers around the world, my parcel was dispatched very quickly. Would highly recommend to roasters looking to try new producers in small batches!

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A. Steen

Having sourced green beans from many of the UK's retailers over a 20 year period, it's pleasing to find a supplier with such a remarkable selection and prices keen enough to encourage experimentation. Great packaging too.

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M. Lewis

Great source of green beans with top quality product and service. Have been using for couple of years and love the fact you can have plastic free packaging too.